Summer is almost here and having the right gadgets can either better the beach experience or make it worse because of added weight. Beaches are perfect for remote workers to relax and handle their responsibilities effectively and for people to just relax in general. But sand, water and the sun could affect everything in huge amounts. So here is a roundup of good tech and gadgets to keep you and your stuff hassle-free.

Wet attires are everything troublesome; it makes baggage heavier, stinks up the remaining wardrobe wherever it is placed and wets other items that do not have to be wet. Itzy Ritzy's leakproof pouch, available in Amazon and highly rated too, ensures your short commute from the beach back to your hotel is not too wet with its sealed seams, lead-free zipper and its many zany available designs.

Smartphones are impartial to beachgoers still attending to professional responsibilities or overall just carelessly enjoying the sun, sand and beach. JOTO's waterproof case is a good remedy; it seals up your phone in a plastic waterproof case that is easily attachable and detachable. The case is touchscreen functional, ensuring that you could still use your phone normally. Perfect for kayaking, snorkeling or even sailing as it could handle a few meters of submerging.

SAFEGO's highly-rated "Locker" is a heavy-duty case that has a high-grade steel lock and cable capable enough to protect all your valuables while going for a swim. Lock the cable in place, memorize the code and your solo beach travels need you not to have someone watch over your stuff. According to Insider, it is also water, sand and salt-resistant, so there is no worry of corrosion and quality deterioration over time.

Of course, you do not want to sit in the sand all day. PC Advisor advises buying the Sitpack. The gadget fits into a 500ml can when folded and is quick to setup. When it is time to read a book or check social media and the internet, flip out the Sitpack.