Undoubtedly, India is a land of amazing people and great marvels of heritage and architecture. But the one thing that is not so marvelous about India is the roads and public transport.

Moreover, sadly and shamefully, there is the issue of safety for women, which is a major concern among the foreign travelers who set foot in this country. After the tragic rise in numbers of crimes against women, the numbers of female tourists have dropped significantly in the country. While the crime numbers have improved gradually with the air moistened with feminism, the roads are still a work in progress in several rural places.

Safety & Comfort. But there is so much to see in India and missing out will be a great loss for any true traveler. So, it is highly advisable, that especially for the first timers travelling to the country, to hitch a ride with one of the five great luxury trains in India. With luxury trains, there is an added ease of convenience, the sparing from chaos of airport transfers and no car rides combating the mottled roads and painful traffic. Additionally, when it comes to security, the trained and accountable train staffs are always around as well as other passengers.

Destination. A hot favorite among tourists is Rajasthan, which is a more developed and well-adjusted tourist destination in India. Taking luxury trains like The Maharajas Express train can spare a great deal of logistic troubles and domestic flights to destination. While there are on-road travels too within their week-long itinerary, that is fairly comfortable and dinner and lodging is always back at the train. There are amazing marvels to see in Rajasthan, Agra, Banaras and other popular tourist destinations on-board the Maharajas Express. Like the Taj Mahal, Ranthambore, Bikaner with its intricately designed red and gold sand-stoned Junagarh Fort, Jaipur, Jodhpur and much more.

Activities. There are other offerings like a camel-riding expedition to the desert, for a barbecue, and for some local music. Folk dance in a bonfire is something truly atmospheric and is very difficult to organize without professional interjection.

Facilities. The train cabins are fully furnished and fairly spacious in terms of being a luxury train cabin. Each cabin is accompanied by a personal attendant who is usually always seconds away when you need him. The trains also come with Wi-Fi connectivity, which is a savior as most hotel Wi-Fi would not be great in speed.

Food. The menu served on the train are both Indian and international and one should try a bit of both if they get bored of the Indian Thali platters. However, it might be a difficult choice to make because some of the best traditional dishes of Indian cuisine are served on the trains and that mildly spiced for foreign palate.

Furthermore, an additional benefit of traveling long distances on trains is the accompaniment of other guests who hail from different nations and are multigenerational. Most of these trains start and also end the journey at Delhi, depending on the itinerary one chooses. Getting flights to other destinations from Delhi is a breeze as this is the capital city with flight connectivity to most locations domestic and international.