A group of friends searched the internet to find someone with the same name as their friend after the latter flaked off on their holiday trip. At least one stranger with the same name took up their offer and jumped at the chance of a three-day all-expense-paid trip to Majorca, Spain.

When their friend Joe McGrath dropped out at the last minute for a planned holiday trip, the group of nine friends did the unthinkable as they determined not to let the extra ticket go to waste. So with the help of Facebook, they hunted down at least 15 random people named Joe McGrath. That's how a same-named fellow from Manchester got a Facebook message last month asking him if he'd like to go on an all-expense-paid holiday trip but with a group of nine strangers.

Joe told Sky News he ignored the message straight away when he first read it but did a 180 the following day when he realized the offer "might be legit." He declared himself "the only mad enough Joe to say yes!" as he found himself driving up to Bristol airport Saturday night where he met with the group of complete strangers for the first time. With a Ryanair ticket bearing his name, Joe took off with a group of strangers on an adventure of a lifetime.

Joe might not have been able to seize the chance if not for his "legendary boss" at the radio station who gave him time off work, according to Daily Mail. He claimed he "loved every minute" of the three-day getaway with "a mega group of people" who threw their friend Nathan a surprise 30th birthday holiday break. Joe revealed they've gotten along so well he's planning on taking his newfound friends to Manchester for a "big night out" next time.