"Rick and Morty" season 3 has definitely made fans wait too long for its comeback. However, Adult Swim made a surprise trick on  April Fools by showing off its first episode and it left all fans wanting to see more. With the airing of the first episode, it can be recalled that there were some characters that were featured and some might as well return this season. Another exciting thing is that the series promo videos were already posted on YouTube and right now available for viewing.

The series creators Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon were definitely obliged to make their fans happy and for them to do so, they're bringing some old characters back. Squanch is one of the characters which was briefly shown on the episode, Den of Geek reported.

For the past two seasons, the series was able to recur few of its old characters and some of which were just telegraphed. Further, Harmon spilled some beans by telling the reporters that Birdperson is also returning the show.

There were lots of characters from season 2 that viewers would definitely love having back on the upcoming season. Krombopulos Michael is considered the Boba Fett of the series and despite him being accidentally killed in the previous season, fans still want to hear his voice again.

Meanwhile, promo videos of the upcoming season were now released by the production. As per TV Over Mind, those multiple promos which were released were already a big indication that season 3 is becoming strong and more enticing. Videos were already posted on its YouTube channel and it is good to know that a certain channel made these videos into supercut.

Apparently, these videos will make fans enjoy a lot while they wait for the time "Rick and Morty" season 3 will be released this week. This is definitely one of the biggest treats fans shouldn't miss!