Springtime is here! And what other way for you to enjoy the season than walking around and relish all the blooming flowers? Will you be botched by watching tulips, daffodils or cherry blossoms in a field? Bulbs opening in springtime are worth to see. So, here are five top blossom festivals for you to witness this spring.

North Carolina Azalea Festival, U.S. A. (April). The event celebrates the Queen Azalea, but there will be floral blossoms in shades of pink and violet during the spring season. There will be county fairs, galas and circuses that will be attended by over 200,000 people. The Azalea Festival will also hold parades and art exhibits where even locals open their homes to be visited by guests for a floral tour.

Copenhagen Sakura Festival, Denmark (April). On April 29 and 30, the Copenhagen Cherry Blossom celebration will have activities that showcase the culture of Japan. People will get to learn about Aikido, Kendo, and Kendama among many others. There are some musical performances, workshops, and dances from three different stages people can choose from. Metro US reported that it started with the Danish Honorary Consul of Hiroshima giving the city 200 cherry trees to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Hans Christian Andersen.

Matsumae Koen Park Cherry Blossom Festival, Japan (Late April to May). Cherry blossoms have always been a beauty to the eyes of people. And there's no better place to appreciate it than being in Japan. In Matsumae, there are over 10,000 cherry trees that overlook the Matsumae Castle. The festival also includes a parade, workshops, arts and crafts, fireworks, and tea ceremonies among many others. Fodors Travel suggested if one can't visit Hokkaido, there's also the Himeji Castle Cherry Blossom Viewing Festival northwest of Kyoto.

Canadian Tulip Festival, Canada (May). The country claims to have the world's largest display of tulip flowers by displaying one million of them on three weekends of the month. The best parts of the festival are its floral displays, Tulip Ball, Floral Hair Competition, and Treasure Hunts. The best way to celebrate Mother's Day has always been here!

Genzano Infiorata Flower Festival, Italy (June). Italy's Infiorata Flower Festivals are celebrated at the start of May, and the Genzano Flower Festival on June has local artists and residents to take part of the celebration by making a floral carpet inspired by famous paintings. The event has been celebrated on Sundays and Mondays since 1778 following Corpus Christus.