The well-known host and celebrity chef of TLC's "Bizarre Foods" show could never leave without Japanese hot chili because Andrew Zimmern knows food in hotels, airlines and sometimes restaurants sometimes need a little kick from time to time.

Fox news reports, sourcing Travel and Leisure, that celebrity chef Andrew Zimmern could never leave without his special Shichimi Togarashi, his favorite brand of Japanese hot chili seasoning. The celebrity chef said the brand sets itself apart from European and American chili because of its "toasted sesame" taste inherent in most Japanese sauces and "the herbal qualities that are in a good Shichimi Togarashi."

Andrew Zimmern said he brought it around because food in hotels could be "boiled, bland, or boring" and that he loves "heat." The "Bizarre Foods" host is known for his deviant taste in culinary choices and in the show makes seemingly disgusting or exotic food a highlight of the entire segment.

Aside from his penchant for the unique and strange, Andrew Zimmern is less-known for his other talents aside from cooking; the chef can also sing. According to MinnPost, on their 10th-anniversary variety show, they would be having Andrew Zimmern along with other political and entertainment figures in Minnesota to participate in MinnRoast. The event focuses on "poking fun at one another" and includes singing, skits and monologues.

Andrew Zimmern's show on Travel Channel had a huge following. The proof is in the 20 seasons the show aired in the channel with the latest still ongoing. The show began in 2006 and had a spin-off show also hosted by Andrew Zimmern titled "Bizarre World."

In an interview with Adweek, Andrew Zimmern considers food to be "the great connector." He said when he does a show, he needs to eat with a family because it helps him and his crew understand the foreign language spoken through all types of table manners.