Dual SIM features on older phones gained fame because accessing communications deals offered by both companies, especially for subscriber-to-subscriber deals, are useful to save money. Smartphones have also adopted this feature and the Samsung Galaxy S8 is still adopting this technology, which guarantees possible significant savings from exorbitant data roaming fees.

According to CNet.com, the new Samsung Galaxy S8 Dual SIM has a feature called Hybrid SIM. In photos, there are two nano-cut SIM cards in the same clipholder that inserts directly into the thin smartphone. CNet also describes it as a "handy way to avoid a phone bill shocker" for travelers overseas. Another twist is that American and European phone versions might not have this feature.

Samsung's upcoming flagship phone, the Galaxy S8 and S8+, are earning hundreds of thousands of pre-orders from different merchants. The phone will have an initial price of $750 on average. Some international merchants require a down payment from their pre-ordering customers, which is likely for delivery and service fees.

Data roaming has often been a problem for travelers. Some countries refuse to issue SIM cards without proper identification. Some telecom companies are issuing smartphones "lock" devices so only their SIM cards work with the device for an amount of time. The Samsung Galaxy S8 resolves this problem effectively with its Dual SIM feature.

As the phone uses a mobile network, it does not own to process information traffic from the device, the services add an amount half the original cost of the service when used locally. In some cases, this amount is even double the original price.

Most travelers would deal with high data roaming fees by refusing to use their smartphones, especially in countries where disposable or prepaid SIM cards are not issued. Some companies have offered solutions to resolve the issue effectively with dedicated smartphones for local Internet use.

According to Today Online, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is set to go on sale worldwide on April 29, 2017. The complete specs of the product are right here.