Little girl's favorite blond playmate--Barbie, now has her own restaurant in Taiwan. Barbie Café, a Barbie themed restaurant has recently opened in Taipei.

The Huffington Post reported that the toy company, Mattel, licensed the café to restaurant company Sinlaku, which features all the Barbie fixings including high heel shaped tables, pink sofas and chairs with tutus.

Staff at the adorable café wear tutus and pink Barbie logo T-shirts, Barbie armbands, glitter and tiaras.  Their male counterparts try and look like Ken.

Iggy Yip, senior manager in Mattel's consumer products division in China said to The Australian, "We picked Taiwan because theme restaurants are very popular and successful here. We are very confident that the Barbie Cafe can promote our brand image."

The new restaurant is located on Zhongxiao road which is one of the busiest shopping areas of Taipei. CNN reported that the décor in the restaurant costs $1.7 million.

The restaurant also has a huge Barbie box where customers can step into and feel like a real-life Barbie.

CNN reported that the menu has been designed by professional nutritionists and includes a variety of items. " Chicken toast box, Hazelnut tiramisu, Macaroons in martini glasses, Philadelphia steak salad, Salmon beauty salad and Barbie 128 (a pink drink named after the café's address)," are just some of the menu items at Barbie café, reported CNN.

Sinlaku is also planning a second Barbie Café in Taiwan, located in Taichung and has goals of opening one in Shanghai too.  In the restaurant they also sell Barbie themed clothing, dols, accessories and furniture.

Sinlaku already opened a Hello-Kitty themed restaurant in Taipei. Themed restaurants are a popular thing in Taiwan. There is already a restaurant made entirely out of cardboard and a toilet themed restaurant.

Mattel owns a variety of Barbie doll with 22 that are themed around the beauty industry. Barbie has come under fire throughout the years because of its unrealistic view on women and impossible body.

Not everyone is in love with the idea of a Barbie themed cafe. Rhiannon Williams, editor of feminist website The Vagenda Magazine, said to The Telegraph: "I cannot imagine anything less pleasant and more nausea-inducing than a Barbie themed restaurant. Not only because I prefer low-impact environments and none of the major food groups are pink for a reason, but also because Barbie is an outdated model of stereotypical femininity and needs to die a death."