One of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean is the island of Nevis. If you ever crave for a less touristy paradise, complete with a serene atmosphere and an old-style charm, then make sure you stop by in this picturesque island.

The island of Nevis is fairly small, comprising of only 36 miles of land. It is quite easy to explore especially if you travel by car. Once you step in the island, you can guess how the Caribbean used to be like when it wasn't yet so commercialized—green, romantic, and yet you know there's an adventure waiting just bubbling under its surface.

Thinking of making a trip yourself? Here are some of the best activities to do in Nevis:

Gorge in a West Indian Buffet. Every Wednesday night, The Hermitage offers a unique West Indian buffet that would have you scrambling for seconds. Make sure to try their pig roast, you'll feel like you're dining on a feast fit for royalty. The Hermitage itself is a wonderful accommodation. It used to be an old plantation and the location itself boasts of stunning views of the countryside.

Conquer the Nevis Peak. If you want the view of a lifetime, then better put your hiking shoes on and make the arduous four-hour climb to the Nevis Peak. It's a dormant volcano and the trip through the rainforest is an adventure itself. But be careful because the climb is very steep.

Participate in Patterson's Pub Crawl. Seek out the Nevisian local named Patterson and make sure to tag along in his Friday night bonanza. He takes guests on a tour of all the unique bars around town, making sure you get a taste of some of the best brews on the island. This activity is so fun you wouldn't mind hanging out with a couple of strangers!

Play golf with monkeys. At the Robert Trent Jones II-designed golf course at the Four Seasons Resort, the hard part is not putting the balls in the hole, rather, the monkeys always scattering around the course will probably make the shot for you. Green vervet monkeys often come to the course to watch golfers play, but of course, they can sometimes be a little playful.