A trip to the beach is always a sweet deal, and all over the world, countless tropical destinations are up for grabs for every wanderer who wants to live the mermaid life. This year, why not upgrade your tropical travel experiences and venture out on the South Pacific Coast?

Vanuatu, an island with a population of less than 300,000, should be included in your travel bucket list. This island on the South Pacific checks all your requirements for a memorable beach travel-powdery white sands, crystal clear waters, friendly locals, and a relaxing atmosphere. Still not convinced? Here are some reasons why you should take a trip to Vanuatu:

The food is amazing. Seriously, the South Pacific isn't known for its gastronomic excellence, but the local cuisine in Vanuatu is enough to make you stay for a few more days. One dining spot in the area, Palm Cove Beach Bar and Grill, offers some of the most succulent seafood you'll ever have in your life, according to Traveller.com. The Vanuatu beef will also surprise you with its quality!

 Your vacation equals income to locals. For you, it may be an innocent beach trip, but your holiday will mean a lot to the locals. According to NZ Herald, the island was recently overcome with Cyclone Pam, and the island, as well as its residents, are still getting back on their feet. Staying at local resorts and buying local souvenirs from local peddlers is a big deal for them.

You could get drunk on Kava. You might have tried Kava in Hawaii or Fiji, but the Kava in Vanuatu is on a whole other level. Drinking Kava is a great way to mingle with locals, but you have to be careful because it's really strong. Traditionally used to relive anxiety, it's a psychoactive beverage commonly found in the South Pacific.

Get a dose of culture. For a country of fewer than 500,000 citizens, over a thousand languages are spoken in Vanuatu. It's fun trying to learn them, as well as some of their varying cultural practices. Head on to Port Vila if you want to get a glimpse of Vanuatu's cultural diversity, and you'll find that the locals are more than welcome to guide you.