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Five Travel Movies That Would Inspire The Nomad In You

Travelers Today       By    Staff Reporter

Updated: Mar 28, 2017 06:00 AM EDT

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Travel movies are entertaining with their insightful and sometimes completely hilarious storylines. But if one observes the shooting locations and the characters' activities, it can be inspiring. Movies are great travel agents and these five movies showcase their locations, characters, and events in a way that would motivate the nomad in any traveler to just go!

In the last four years, thought-provoking travel movies have always focused on millennials and the passion for traveling instead of choosing conventional life choices that most movies portray as lacking in true "soulful" value. But in The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty, the eponymous protagonist played by Ben Stiller focuses on "Generation X" and "Baby Boomers" who are tied up with their routines. Walter Mitty is tasked to find a legendary photographer and in the process, finds himself traveling and braving the world as part of his job.

Japan is rarely featured in American travel movies, but Lost In Translation, starring Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson, it explores Tokyo's true urban chaos and the beautiful sights that come with it. The two characters have found themselves in a city where they can be free. The story and cinematography had captured the Japanese urban capital is just awe-inspiring.

Medieval movies and TV series are known to spark travel urges and according to Nomadic Matt, Lord of The Rings had done an amazing job of portraying New Zealand's beautiful arches, forestry, and rivers. If one needs a break, this movie will be a good way to relax as it introduces viewers to the lush freshness of New Zealand.  

The United States is an urbanized and chaotic mess of ideas just like other cities. According to Business Insider, the movie Thelma & Louise features a slice-of-life comedy wherein two girls abandon their lives for an amazing road trip. It showcases the beautiful scenic views of Utah, Colorado, and California. The cinematography shows mountain ranges and truly memorable roads that the two girls travel in.

In the life of everyday business travel, some people could call airports their second home. Up In The Air, which stars George Clooney, finds himself at home in airports and airplanes because of the nature of his work. This movie inspires business traveling individuals as it gives insight into the hectic life of people whose job involves traveling.

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