Travelers who absolutely adore the Blue Lagoon in Iceland are in for a treat. Come fall this year, the Lava Cove and Moss Hotel will officially open its doors to the public, a luxury hotel set within an 800-year old lava flow near the famous tourist destination.

The Blue Lagoon is one of the most famous destinations in Iceland. The popular man-made geothermal spa allows guests to wade in steaming blue pools, famed for having natural healing properties. However, as the place grew more popular, it can't be helped that it can sometimes get really crowded.

Thankfully, the Lava Cove and Moss Hotel can eradicate that problem. Guests of the hotel are entitled to a private swimming space in the south shore of the lagoon-promising a more sensual and relaxing soak in the famous natural hot tub.

The upcoming luxury hotel isn't just one building. Instead, it's made up of four properties: The Lava Cove, Lava Lagoon, Moss Hotel, and the Moss restaurant.

The Lava Cove is described on the website as: "a subterranean spa embodying the harmonic convergence of nature, architecture, and the radiant powers of geothermal seawater." The Lava Lagoon, on the other hand, "is sourced from the same volcanic aquifer of geothermal seawater as the Blue Lagoon. Its open spaces, plateaus, waterfall, and lava corridors invite discovery, enable serenity, and provide shelter from the wind and storms that move across Iceland."

The Moss Hotel is composed of 62 rooms all furnished with the finest amenities with breathtaking views. It even has a cozy lounge and a library. If you're hungry, the Moss restaurant is slated to offer the finest Icelandic cuisine, headed by a team of chefs trained to share the best culinary heritage of Iceland.

And since the hotel is housed over Iceland's natural resource, the property is made sure to be built sustainably, with their main source of power as clean geothermal energy.