Being out and about for a full day is exhausting. Sometimes, in the middle of our job or classes, it can't be helped that sometimes, plush mattresses and soft pillows enter our minds. But alas, the sanctity of our beds are usually only waiting for us at the end of a busy workday.

So for those who love taking naps, you might be wishing to be in Japan right now. Because for a limited time being, they are currently operating a café that lets people take, well, naps.

The whole idea was part of the celebration of the World Sleep Day, which is usually held on the Friday before the march Equinox each year. So for a couple of days until March 26th, the pop-up nap café in Harajuku is open to give out naps.

This nap café was a result of the collaboration between Nescafe and France Bed Co., a premier bed maker which sells extremely comfortable yet really expensive beds and mattresses. (Care to buy a $9,000 mattress?)

About ten electronic reclining beds are currently set-up in the Nescafe Harajuku, all featuring France Bed's most impressive models such as the "Bosutesso BO-08", which retails for about $8,000; the "Gran Max GX-04C 3M", which sells for more than $3,500; and the "RP1000DLX", a single mattress which, according to Rocket News, "has a built-in recliner and can be used on a bed frame or by itself on tatami or wood floors, with a price tag of 118,519 yen."

The inside of the premises is dimly lit for a more comfortable setting, and each bed comes with a hi-tech hue light set to "relax" mode. A Sony Walkman and headphones are also provided to provide soothing music to every guest who wants to catch a few z's.

Visitors who want to take part in the experience will be given a warm cup of decaffeinated coffee before sleeping, and after they wake up they're entitled to another cup of coffee but this time, the caffeine is there to boost your energy.

Each guest is only allowed a maximum of 2 hours for every nap to give way to other customers as well. An extremely ingenious idea, it's a perfect place to bolster up your energy in the middle of a busy day.