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Five Of The World's Best Bird-Watching Destinations

Travelers Today       By    JC Santos

Updated: Mar 22, 2017 06:22 AM EDT

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Bird-watching could sound boring but once you get into it, there is no stopping. Bird-watching slows down time around travelers, allowing them to see the beautiful sights of their destination while looking for rare species of fauna in these five best bird-watching locales of the world.
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Seeing a family of birds in their natural habitat could sound like a bore, but bird-watching is as exciting as it is different. It slows down travel time by observing the location's amazing sights while one accepts the challenge of finding a particularly beautiful bird breed in the park or location to be observed. If this is your thing, the world has the following amazing bird-watching destinations one should not miss.

According to BBC -- citing master bird-watcher Noah Strycker -- a beginner bird watcher's paradise is Ecuador in South America. He said the country "has an incredible diversity" with "good guides and a wonderful culture. Over the Andes mountain range near the western slope, Ecuador bird-watching tour operators guide those interested to see the South American country's avian riches.

Strycker also recommends the Malehur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon. The Refuge has over 320 species of birds including rare ones such as the Western Snowy Plover, Long-billed Curlew, Franklin's Gull and more.

South Georgia is not a bird-watching site with an immense number of bird species, but it has plenty of birds that fly around in flocks. Penguins in different breeds, including King, Emperor and Gentoo penguins, roam around here. 

Poland has its own Bialoweza Forest. According to The Guardian UK, the forest has "remained virtually unchanged throughout the years" and it is home to a huge number of bird species including woodpeckers, hazel grouse, owls, and even warblers. The nearby village and its tour operators have specialized travel itineraries for expert bird watchers -- many who would want to see specific and hard-to-find birds.

In South America's Peru is Manu and bird-watchers go on expeditions to find the perfect rare species of birds they could find. South America is the perfect breeding ground for birds given its warm climate. Peru has over 1,000 types of bird species that tour operators call their tours "easy bird watching" where novice to expert bird watchers could learn and quickly find rare species.

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