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'The Crown' Season 2 Spoilers, Update: Marriage Troubles, Extramarital Affairs Will Plague Royal Family

Travelers Today       By    Brynn B.

Updated: Mar 21, 2017 05:37 AM EDT

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Since its first airing last Nov. 2016, "The Crown" has been getting a steady following. It is expected to extend up to season 6, spanning the life of Queen Elizabeth. Now, more updates regarding season 2 are emerging, and it seems that part of the season will explore Prince Philip.

Time Out reports that creator Peter Morgan made the statement that it seems that everyone in Britain knows that Prince Philip had an affair, so it is most likely that the Netflix series will show this in the next season. The series had shown a different side of Prince Philip, contrary to the 95-year-old that comes to mind at the present.

In the series, he is shown as somewhat of a playboy. Season 1 of "The Crown" dealt with the 25-year-old queen struggling to balance her marriage and her responsibilities as a newly-crowned monarch. The Prince's struggles were also portrayed, with his resentment of having to give up his career and embarrassment at having to kneel in front of his spouse during the coronation.

Harper's Bazaar Australia reports that the alleged affairs of Prince Philip that will be portrayed will be with Katie Boyle, a TV personality, and Pat Kirkwood, an actress. These affairs apparently happened sometime in the 1950s.

Meanwhile, the timeline for "The Crown" season 2 will be right where the last episode left. It will be sometime between 1956 and 1964, which is right on the timeline of the alleged affairs. Though they have never been confirmed, it would be interesting to see how actor Matt Smith would be portraying his role.

It will still be a long wait for fans of the Netflix series, as the show had just started filming for its season 2. As a fan, what else would you like to see in season 2 of "The Crown?" Share your thoughts and comments below.

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