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‘Paul Walker: Collision Course’ Premiere Episode: Police Dismisses Eyewitness Account Of Accident

Travelers Today       By    Florette A.

Updated: Mar 21, 2017 05:07 AM EDT

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"Paul Walker: Collision Course" has premiered March 18. The premiere episode focused on the fatal car crash that caused the death of two experienced race car drivers, Paul Walker and Roger Rodas. The first episode showed the examination of the death of the "Fast & Furious" actor.

The sneak peak revealed an eyewitness named Abe Rodriguez telling that he witnessed the incident. In a report by Radar Online, Rodriguez alleged that after the fatal crash, police officers took the factual statement of what he actually saw. However, in the police report, it stated that no eyewitnesses saw a car race and no cameras in the vicinity have captured it.

Rodriguez further stated that the police got two footages from cameras that were no good. He added that there were lots of cameras around the area but they did not pull them to see what really happened. Police reports stated that there was a parade of cars that followed into the crash site. This information supported the eyewitness' account.

Four years after the death of the 40-year-old actor, the cause of the accident remained a mystery. According to Porsche, Walker's death was his own fault as reported by CNN. It is because the vehicle that he rode was "abused and altered." In the court documents filed by the car company, it was stated that the two deaths and the damages were results of the comparative fault of the deceased actor.

The actor's daughter, Meadow Rain, has filed a case of wrongful death against Porsche because of the multiple design flaws of the vehicle. However, the car company claimed that Walker is a "knowledgeable and experienced user" who knew the risks involved in using the vehicle. The Walkers' lawyer claimed that the Porsche Carrera GT is a dangerous car and should not be found in the streets. It is due to the fact that it lacked safety features.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department declared that the cause of death was the speed of the car. The impact of the crash was so intense that caused them to die on the spot. The car burst into flames that burned Paul Walker who was trapped in the smashed car.

"Paul Walker: Collision Course" will expound more on the accident as it gathers facts and proofs on the accident. The documentary's episode 2 will air on March 26 at 9 p.m. on ET.

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