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'Vikings' Season 5: An Unexpected Return Of Rollo, And Lagertha's New Throne Revealed

Travelers Today       By    Jason Patrick Reyes

Updated: Mar 20, 2017 04:30 AM EDT

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The upcoming renewal of "Vikings" Season 5 returns with Rollo unexpectedly, and a new throne for Lagertha has been teased. The upcoming season will surely be worth the wait with its vital events getting rigged up. Surprising as it may sound, that's just a few of the things to expect.

As per Den of Geek, the return of Rollo (Clive Standen) was unsure after the last reason since he has drifted back to Normandy. This has made the fans conclude that he might be off the show, and with him having a lead role on "Taken" television show on NBC, the conclusion was more justified. However, Rollo's return has been guaranteed at the expense of going through some major changes. Moreover, Michael Hirst, the show's creator has allowed Standen to reinvent his role.

This time around when Rollo comes back in "Vikings" Season 5, we are to expect an unfamiliar Rollo according to Standen's statement. By the time Rollo gets reunited with his family and fellow Vikings, fans can expect more shaky relationships to get even more disorderly. This might be one of the highlights of the season's return, which is totally not expected by the show's fans back then. Right now, the exact air date of the upcoming season is still vague, but it is likely to return in autumn this year.

According to Cartermatt, a new throne will be featured on the season's return for Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick). On March 19, Winnick teased a photo for her throne in the upcoming season of the show via her official Twitter account. Thus, this might suggest that her character will be seen with the said throne during some scenes of the show. This may be possible, but in other opinions, it might end up just like some kind of a promotional photo for the season's dawning.

This is pretty much the style of History channel whenever a season is about to start and promotional photos are usually their way of letting the viewers know that there will be a drastic change in the series. We earlier reported that the network will be renewing "Vikings" Season 5 totaling to 20 episodes. Watch the official trailer for the upcoming season of the show and subscribe for more updates!

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