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'Days Of Our Lives' March 20-24 Weekly Spoilers: Chad, Abigail Breakup May Happen

Travelers Today       By    BhatzJabin

Updated: Mar 20, 2017 04:00 AM EDT

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Chad's lovelife has always been sort of chaotic. We have seen how it's obvious that he and Gabi are still not over each other. Next week's episode will show Chad confess something to Abigail which she would not like. The upcoming episode of "Days of our Lives" is going to be hard, especially for Abigail.

This could compromise Chad's relationship with Abby, and some even speculate that a breakup may happen soon. According to SoapHub, Chad had a long talk with Kate as to whether it would be better to tell Abigail about his feelings with Gabi. Chad considers himself an honorable man, and he does not like keeping secrets from his wife, and so he decided to talk to Abigail about it.

His honesty will definitely break Abigail's heart, as Chad will tell her that he can't get Gabi off his mind. Abigail will try to play the role of understanding partner, but it's going to be difficult. What's worse, Deimos would kidnap Abigail and Gabi and let Chad choose who he wants to live. He will be conflicted because he has feelings for Gabi, but considering that he and Abigail has a child together, and that she is his wife, he will choose her.

Deimos' act made a lot of people furious, adding to a quiet long list of suspects as to who really would want to see him die. TV Over Mind reported that spoilers reveal that something really bad is going to happen to him, and it is not yet known as to who could have done it. People with a motive to kill him includes Andre, Dario, Victor and Maggie

Some people speculate that it's Chad because he did have a plan that he was ready to make happen, however, considering how complicated his life is right now, with Abigail, Gabi, and all, it's unlikely that he would be able to allow himself to get caught in another mess. This "Days of our Lives" spoiler is for the of week March 20.

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