The John F. Kennedy Airport is opening The Ark, a modern-day pet heaven for owners who need to have their pets live somewhere they would receive the proper care and support needed. The Ark would provide service for all arriving and departing pets with arrival services focused on providing luxury hotel-level pampering and travel preparation for departing pets. The facility also has a nightly rate for travelers' pets who may need to stay for a while -- with numerous perks in store.

According to Curbed, The Ark is a "luxury terminal for pets, livestock and zoo animals" and would have 178,000 square feet of pure animal heaven in airports. For $100 nightly, pets could sleep in human-sized beds and watch flat-screen TVs and everything else the pets could feel similarly at their own home while their humans are away.

The $65 million center designed and developed by Racebrook or Ark Development now has its Ark Pet Oasis and Equine Export facilities open for all arrivals and departures 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Pet owners can reserve services and rooms for their pets through "The Ark's" contact details published in its website.

Upon arrival, the animals would be welcomed immediately and be housed for a $125 accommodation fee. If the pet is not staying, it will go through preflight walk and crate survey to ensure its safety for takeoffs. The staff will then keep the pet occupied to shorten its waiting time during the boarding period.

For pets staying overnight upon arrival, they would first receive a bath and meal, grooming through fur coat brushing and walking in an artificial lawn. The staff would clean up the pet's crate until their owners or their ride arrives. For the safety of all animals, a vet clinic is nearby.

The "phase two" developments would focus more on arriving horse care and an aviary. The Equine Import and Quarantine facilities would have would horse showers and specialty rooms. The facilities would provide any jockey or equestrian's horses training from Olympic grooms and lockers for horse equipment.

In the near future, all airports might have this particular service. Should The Ark prove successful, pet owners who love traveling could ease off one huge burden should all airports implement the service.