If you want to spend your vacation in Tennessee, it would be best to spend it at the Forest Gully Farmswhere you can camp underground on their hobbit-like bunkers called Gully Huts. The whole compound has just recently opened and is up for reservations--a hut can accommodate eight people for $250 a night.

Jon and Mandy Giffin founded the place for visitors to experience the whole 15-acre forest full of nut-bearing trees, shrubs, and perennials. The couple will also hold a farm tour on Sundays to Wednesdays--people can take a hike, bring lunch, and eat in their Green Hut kitchen.

The tour in the farm lasts for two hours where the first expedition will be led by Jon or Mandy, while in the second hour, the visitors can explore on their own. The tour will cost $10, while it's free for children ages five years and below.

People are expected to see different flora species like figs, jujube, gooseberry, and pawpaw. Forest Gully Farms are open daily, but it would be best for visitors to call beforehand and book a tour.

On Thursdays to Sundays, people can camp underground on the yellow and red huts, experiencing an all-wood structured room for a night. The owners posted on their blog: "You know Forest Gully Farms is someplace special when five teenage boys describe their stay as "magical." Maybe it was the quiet forest, the clear starry skies, or the charmingly realistic hobbit huts, but this place was even better than we imagined."

They added that they are now accepting reservations for their official opening on April 22. More events and schedules are also set to be released in the coming months.