Should viewers expect episode 9 of "Grimm" season 6 to have some talking trees in it? While it is a bit early to assume that the next episode of the TV series will indeed be featuring anthropomorphic trees in it, there are some elements from the synopsis that indicate episode 9 could indeed be headed in that direction.

A short description of episode 9 has been posted on TV Guide and reads as follows: "A man claims his friend was consumed by a treelike figure; and the gang learn of Eve's disturbing mirror encounter, which leads everyone to take precautions. Meanwhile Capt. Renard tries to determine what Diana was drawing." While the show has given us several creepy mysteries over the years, this is one that viewers should definitely put on top of their list.

Based on the short trailer for episode 9 which can be seen below, there's really not much you can decipher from it other than what appears to be tree roots attacking people. It is also not yet known how these "tree people" came to be and where they originally came from. As far as Eve goes, in the wake of the events that transpired in episode 8, viewers can expect her encounter to carry over to episode 9 and beyond as it seems like it will become an integral part of the show moving forward.

According to, the finale of "Grimm" is already drawing closer so the series' mythology needs to have a build that is headed towards something relevant. It is only right for viewers who have been following the show since day one to have an ending that could help "Grimm" go out with a bang and not a whimper. With that said we can only hope the show will be giving us more quality episodes as it draws closer towards its finale.