The Sacramento Kings made some moves before the trade deadline and their decision continues to baffle many fans and critics alike. They traded away their superstar, DeMarcus Cousins, to the New Orleans Pelicans in exchange for Buddy Hield and a couple of draft picks. Also included in the deal was veteran swingman Omri Casspi. As mind boggling as the deal might be on paper, Kings owner Vivek Ranadive believes they were able to get something good out of it as he sees Steph Curry potential in Buddy Hield.

That's right, the owner of the Sacramento Kings believes Buddy Hield has the potential to become the next Steph Curry, according to an earlier report from ESPN's Baxter Holmes. This was said to be the driving factor in his decision to trade away DeMarcus Cousins, a player considered by many to be the most talent center in the league today.

Hield is currently averaging 8.6 points while shooting 36.9 percent from the three point line this season. While he has yet to find any consistency, he has shown a few glimpses of his potential this year. However, comparing his potential to that of Steph Curry's is a pretty big reach.

Hield was one of the nation's best players during his time with the Oklahoma Sooners where he averaged an impressive 25.9 points per game while shooting 45.7 percent from downtown. As a college athlete Hield was extremely gifted, but he is still learning the intricacies of playing basketball at a professional level.

Being a star at the collegiate level doesn't usually translate to success in the NBA as there have been many players who were superstars in college, but were never able to live up to their potential in the league. According to Uproxx, this would not be the first time that the Kings owner has overestimated the value of a player. In 2014 Ranadive once described Nik Stauskas as a player who had the shooting touch of Steph and the size of Klay Thompson.