The arrival of the steam machine was a monumental feat for humanity -- and it was a millenial icon for artists who genuinely felt the horsepower and technological magic behind the gears and coal-powered engines of the time. Today, this artistic impression is still alive despite the advancements of the steam engine and the era of steampunk itself.

Dallas travelers need not to look further -- there is one steampunk venue nearby in the form of "On Premise." According to Popsugar, while the venue only opened the previous year, the bar has the impressions of steampunk and Victorian architecture that could woo any steampunk aficionado. 

In Los Angeles is another famed venue. In the Higgins Building is an authentically wood-colored, dark silhouetted and sparsely lit steampunk bar named "The Edison." Appropriately named after the 20th century innovator Thomas Edison, the bar feels like the early days of the 20th century with a Van Helsing post-Medieval vibe. Some reviewers note an "absinthe fairy" that holds vials of a poison of the customer's choice.

When in Europe, a visit to 10,000 Leagues Under The Sea is impossible -- but a Jules Verne-novel impressed bar sounds just about right for anyone who loves steampunk. According to The Daily Mail UK Travel to Romania and visit the Joben Bistro -- a pub full of early industrial revolution wonder complete with a zeppelin embedded in the ceiling, brick walls, amazing Victorian-era modernized furniture and even a feel of retro-future.

Another venue in Romania is the Enigma -- which takes the Jules Verne feel of Joben Bistro to the next level of steampunk into impressionable "high-brow" art. According to Colossal, Enigma claims it is the world's "first kinetic steampunk bar" and indeed it has more gears and eccentric bionic-steampunk art and patterns on its walls. Definitely worth a visit.

Scandinavia has its own steampunk bar and it is named eponymously (and notably un-creatively) as "Steampunk Bar." But if it can serve 200 different beers while one admires the beauty of the 1800's steel-based and steam-based technologies along with a staff properly costumed for the theme, it earns five stars despite its name.