Thinking of going somewhere with lots of people and activities? Or planning a trip to a destination with plenty of things to do as recommended by travelers? These five travel destinations are gaining huge ground and recommendation in travel websites for great experiences, amenities and everything else that makes a vacation memorable.

Iceland's tourism is still advancing for 2017 with bookings improving because of an "overnight layover" according to Thrillist -- citing data from, a travel-booking website. The travel website notes that with Iceland airliners opening direct budget flights from the United States, tourism has improved -- although increased tourism has negatively impacted whaling in the country.

Business Insider cites data from TripAdvisor that Cambodia is increasing in popularity because of low-cost accommodations peaking at $64 nightly for average stays. The news website indicates "stunning canals, temples, shrines and tombs" as main hooks for travelers -- along with a bustling urban culture.

Another popularly visited destination is Marrakech in Morocco. The country's rich culture embedded in all its markets and traditional goods for sale as souvenirs or for use and consumption such as spices makes it a top destination for those seeking something exotic and beautiful. A Muslim-majority country, Marrakech in Morocco has plenty of amazing mosques and gardens to visit -- fun for and most popular with family vacations. notes that Cuba's tourism has improved by 191 percent, the largest so far in its list. Cuba's removal of certain restrictions and increased direct flights to and from the United States had helped contribute to bountiful bookings into the country. According to Thrillist, travelers must make Cuba a priority while the country is "at its most authentic," the website possibly referring to probable superficial improvements to urge further tourism growth.

Japanese tourism in Tokyo is improving, and according to Thrillist, the city is gaining fame due to the approaching 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Currently, the country is improving its infrastructures, including developing a countrywide WiFi network available for public use, including foreigners in the country, by 2020.