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Five Reasons Why You Should Travel To Kotor

Travelers Today       By    Sheobi Anne Ramos

Updated: Feb 18, 2017 05:44 AM EST

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Europe is a one big continent full of beautiful intermingling cultures, scenic natural attractions, and food worth travelling for. Paris, Rome, Spain, England, Germany-they are all part of Europe, and are some of the most visited destinations in the continent.

However, there are still parts of Europe that are waiting to be explored. Once you discover them, these underrated destinations will instantly take your breath away by their sheer beauty and impressive culture--one of them being Kotor, Montenegro.

Montenegro is a really new country, only declared independent last 2006. As such, most tourists don't know that it exists. One of its cities, Kotor, is a must-travel destination for any curious traveler, and here are some of the reasons why:

For Europe travel, it's surprisingly affordable. Unlike most overrated European attractions, visiting Kotor doesn't require you to shell out thousands of dollars for your stay. You can enjoy a relatively comfortable accommodation choice in the city under $300 bucks even in high season, and the food is really affordable.

The views on top of the Fortress Sveti Ivan. Located above the bulwarks of the Kotor's Old town, Fortress Sveti Ivan is an old castle you should take to climb for the most unparalleled view of your life. On top, you can see the entire Bay of Boka Kotorsk and Kotor's Old Town. Make sure to bring your camera with you. This kind of experience must have a solid remembrance.

The mesmerizing vibe of Kotor's Old Town. Similar to Prague with its narrow pathways and old buildings made of white stone, just walking down the streets of Kotor's Old Town will make you feel like you're back in the Middle Ages. The charming vibe of the whole place is enough to make any tourist fall in love, and locals are friendly enough to teach you a thing or two about their humble yet beautiful city.

It's less tourist-y. Sometimes, you cannot truly appreciate the beauty of a place because of the intense crowds. Thankfully, Kotor is still not in that stage when swarms and swarms of tourists will dominate the place. It's a really good idea to travel to Kotor now while its beauty is still not known all over the world, rather than fight for good views with twenty or more tourists in the future.

The food. Kotor used to be a sailor town, and the waters surrounding it is a great spot for catching fresh fish and other seafood for their day-to-day meals. You will taste some of the freshest seafood in your entire life in Kotor, and with the food's extreme affordability, it's not that scary to explore!

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