Breaking up is a bad thing to begin with but picking the wrong place makes it even worse. Not that it would matter in the next few years but a respectful effort in finding a memorable place to make the event special (even if it is not) for both parties involved during a break-up garners respect even after the relationship itself. These five places makes that one last moment matter effectively.

According to Thought Catalog, the supermarket is a great place to start a breakup. In a hilarious note, Thought Catalog Writer Zack Stafford writes that couples could "start in the produce (section) to have some nut and fruit samples" and "begin with the, 'Babe, we should talk...'." He then proceeds to bring out the Hollywood narrative of breakups. However, the supermarket is indeed is a relatively quiet place to talk, but is far from being memorable.

But if one wants to make it special, worth the effort and truly dramatic, New York's Northern Territory Restaurant is a great place to begin a quiet talk. A private sky-high dining experience is true effort, and makes the entire dilemma easier to bring out with a few glasses of wine or alcohol.

When in Europe, either as a resident or during a travel, and travelers just need to break the news to their partner with some effort and a proper mood, a playground may be in order. Before a draining course in St. Louis, Missouri's amazing MonstroCity, one can spill the beans and take out the stress together in the playground.

If not, then New York has many places to make it more cinematic. The 6BC Botanical Garden, according to Time Out, has that "cute gazebo that would be perfect" for intimate conversations. Both individuals -- once all is said and done -- could then enjoy the scenery as friends afterwards.

Lastly, couples can break-up in the place they first met. It is indeed heartbreaking, but facing up to one's decision and the music that comes after it would mean coloring the first memory with a darker but relieving one. It is a daring effort on both sides -- but one that is worth the cost of true friendship and care.