Siege Rollers in "Dungeon Defenders 2" have been quite a pain in the neck, especially for those who aren't doing too well against them. There are tons of ways on how to kill them off, but most involve serious grinding and having to party up with other players. Here's a nifty trick in order to take care of the challenging special mob using a monk with less than desirable DPS stats.

The first thing, "Dungeon Defenders 2" players need to take note of the Siege Roller's immunity to almost every status and elemental attacks. As stated at YouTuber. Mr.JuiceBags' post, the mob cannot even be hit by poison intervals from the PDT and takes less than quarter of damage from most towers even when targeted from behind.

Most players will resort to creating a DPS hero and the Gun Witch class is a popular choice. However, making a proper build will take serious amounts of time grinding and more often than not, some players have chosen other things or characters to spend their Defender Medals on, making the purchase of a Gun Witch hard without spending real-world money on "Dungeon Defenders 2."

However, one particular trick can help to fend off even multiple Siege Rollers with ease. This involves creating a monk and getting it to reach level 50 to get the proper gear for killing off the problematic boss.

Once done reaching level 50 (this can be easily done by repeating the Harbinger's Ship mission a couple of times,) the player should get the Harbinger's Punch weapon. This can be acquired at Defense Mode on the Ramparts level. It is highly advised to take this level on Nightmare IV to ensure the best possible stat out of it. Players, who still have some difficulties clearing an NM IV stage best team up with other players for the mean time.

At first, the special passive effect "Mighty Smash" as shown on this Steam guide, won't seem to do much. Even with an average DPS monk build focused on increasing his ability power, getting 60 - 80k DPS is almost impossible. It isn't one of the best monk weapons in "Dungeon Defenders 2" and it seems more like a novelty item as a tribute to the Harbinger.

The magic, however, begins when pole smash skill, along with this passive, is used behind the Siege Roller. It appears to cause more damage than how it may appear on a training dummy or any standard mob. A 5 million HP could be reduced to 0 in less than 30 seconds. There's no explanation how this works, but it does for some reason in "Dungeon Defenders 2."

The best build, given that a mediocre weapon works for the Siege Roller, should be focused on Ability Power and Hero Health. This way, players would be able to withstand the beating from behind while other minions party up behind the player. There's no telling whether this would be fixed with the upcoming "Dungeon Defenders 2" "TRIALS: End Game" update.