Long time players of "World of Warcraft" can take advantage of their invested time and grinding with the game to be used for acquiring loot boxes for "Overwatch" or even cards for "Hearthstone" to name a few. Blizzard recently made an announcement that will let players convert their WoW gold to Battle.net credits.

According to a recent report from Polygon, "World of Warcraft" players can finally put their excess golds into use for other Battle.net games. Most of the fans and players are expected to convert their current gold, or perhaps an excess of it, to "Overwatch" loot boxes. Aside from this, players also have to liberty to just save their Battle.net credits for later use.

The move, according to the news site, was first introduced back in 2015, where players were given the chance to cash in their gold for game time. These were done in the form of WoW Tokens. Players were able to get WoW Tokens by exchanging them for in-game gold.

As Blizzard has announced, Wow Tokens can now also be converted to Battle.net credit. This meant an easier transfer of in-game currency for another game. As reported by Kotaku, players can trade WoW tokens for $15 of Battle.net credit instead of adding to their game time in "World of Warcraft."

Some may look at it as a lucrative means of getting premium items on particular Blizzard games like "Overwatch," but the real deal happens when veteran players of "World of Warcraft" decides to put all their gold investments into WoW Tokens and in turn, get tons of Battle.net credits. It is like getting a refund for the subscription itself and some may even be able to buy full-sized Blizzard games aside from loot boxes or cards.

Former players of "World of Warcraft" may now find more incentive in going back. The grinds may now be less of a chore and could easily become a farming galore for other titles under Blizzard, which have premium items that might not pass as cheap.