The Steam game "Dead By Daylight" will finally get an Xbox One port later this year. The publisher Starbreeze Studious decided to let console fans, also including owners of the PlayStation 4, to enjoy the frantic multiplayer 4vs1 survival horror experience.

According to a recent report from Gematsu, "Dead By Daylight" has been finally announced after it was released on the PC back in June 2016. The publishing will be taken care of 505 Games, who was also behind games like "Stardew Valley," "PAYDAY 2" and "Terrarria." The publishing company will be in charge of distributing the retail version, while Starbreeze will be taking care of the digital version.

"Dead By Daylight" was an instant hit on its initial release on the PC. Selling more than 1.8 million copies on Steam made it possible to be one of the most favorite streamed games through Twitch and YouTube.

"We're proud of Behaviour Digital's success with Dead by Daylight and can't wait to deliver it to consoles together," said Mikael Nermark of Starbreeze. Stephen Mulroney, Vice President at Behaviour Digital also added that making "Dead By Daylight" available for the console platforms is a significant move in reaching out to more fans who have been avid viewers of the game through various streaming sites.

At the moment, "Dead By Daylight" currently has a score of "Mostly Positive" on Steam, but it was recently getting "Mixed" ratings. Negative reviews mostly consist of complaints regarding the game's huge amount of insistent bugs ever since it got released. Some players, despite spending thousands of hours in the game, also find the game broken and at times, unplayable even.

Hopefully, these problems would be addressed in the console version of the game, where it would be safe to assume that updates will be twice as scarce for "Dead By Daylight." No release date have been announced yet, but updates are expected to come in the next few days.