Both the PlayStation Plus and Xbox Gold subscribers are in for their dose of free games for the month of February. However, the choice of free games might largely differ, which makes a particular choice between the two, exponentially less impressive.

As posted at PlayStation LifeStyle, PS Plus owners will get free access to a number of great games for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PS Vita. This covers the highly-rated "LittleBigPlanet 3" for the PlayStation 4 along with "Not a Hero."

Besides the well-known titles, "Starwhal," "Anna," "Ninja Senki DX" and "TorqueL" are thrown in the mix for PlayStation 3 and PS VITA owners. Some titles are also available for Cross Buy with the PlayStation 4.

On Microsoft's end, as posted on Major Nelson's official page, the Xbox Gold subscribers will get free access to "Project Cars: Digital Edition" and "Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime." Both titles will be made available for the Xbox One. In addition to this, "MonkeyIsland 2: Special Edition" and "Star Wars: The Force Unleashed" will be also a part of the free games for February for Xbox Gold members for their Xbox 360 consoles.

Apparently, Sony's PS Plus free games only have "LittleBigPlanet 3" and "Not a Hero" as notable titles. This isn't to say that the other games are less desirable qualities. However, as a whole, the list of free games for PS Plus subscribers for February pales to compare with Xbox Gold's lineup of games for both the Xbox One and Xbox 360.

It would be easy to say that Microsoft wins the competition in providing free games for its consumers for the month of February. Just looking at how the company managed to make "Star Wars: Force Unleashed," a highly-rated game in its time and is still comparably good with more recent games, is a feat of its own. "Project Cars" is also a well-received title, which is considered as a direct competition to PlayStation's "Drive Club." This is not counting the other two games, which is also comparable to "LittleBigPlanet 3" alone.