Most posts would say that skydiving is the only zero-gravity activity on Earth that makes the experience of floating in complete 360 degrees as one would in a scientific space station possible. But today, special facilities and even amusement park rides offer the amazing feeling of floating off Earth's gravity. No need to go on that spaceship tour for zero gravity when you have these five local zero-gravity destinations.

It is a strange destination to suggest -- an aerial yoga session -- but aerial yoga does introduce the feeling of 360 zero gravity. According to Complex, New York City's Om Factory Yoga Center has a makeshift swing that allows one to do some amazing dances off the ground does not make one feel their weight. The faux anti-gravity feeling is something beginners might find a handful to handle but luckily they have lessons for those too.

Zero gravity enthusiasts unwilling to skydive due to altophobia could reduce their fears altogether by taking a flight that takes a dozen of movements to simulate the absence of gravity. Zero-G will have those willing to fly high up 24,000 feet. Along with a $5,000 price tag are coaches who would teach first-timers and beginners to ride the air void of any gravitational force per 30 seconds of maneuvers.

Virtual reality technologies are dragging humanity closer to the amazing world of imaginative escapes. The five-floor high theater in Boston's Museum of Science named the Mugar Omni Theater uses visuals to plunge viewers into a specially-crafted movie and VR experience that is about as five times as powerful than a 4D ride -- meaning it also cancels out gravity in the process.

Likely the least expensive of everything in this list, the Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey has a ride called "Kingda Ka," a possible wordplay on "Kingdom Come." It is rightfully named; it goes up to 418 feet and when the ride takes the plunge, riders can feel about five seconds of zero gravity during the drop. Considering the ride is not a specialized zero-gravity experience, it makes up for it through fun and experience.

A bit cheaper than Zero-G, Incredible Adventures uses a smaller airplane to achieve the same result as the latter. According to Digital Trends, the plane goes through 10 parabolas and guarantees about 10 seconds of zero-gravity floatation -- for a hefty sum of $2,500. But hey, the feeling of floating -- even if quick -- is truly priceless.