One of the most trending mobile apps today is "Pokemon GO." As the said mobile game was released back on July 6, 2016, it became an extremely huge hit and its popularity spread like wildfire all over the world. Now on the latest news for "Pokemon GO,"  reports are stating that the Nintendo Company wants Niantic to hold off updates for a while. In addition, "Pokemon GO" patch 0.55.0/1.25.0 is speculated to crash devices as well?

"Pokémon GO" is a free-to-play, location-based augmented reality game developed by Niantic for iOS and Android devices. On its next update, "Pokemon GO" could reveal several Generation 2 Pokemon available for capture and use. However, certain reports stating that the Nintendo is currently putting up a temporary block for "Pokemon GO's" regular updates.

A report from Slash Gear states that the said "Pokemon GO" hold off major updates. Besides, the Nintendo Company wants Niantic to hold off any updates on the game just for a while. There are no statements from the said company why updates are currently put to a halt. However, the said site speculates that updates for "Pokemon GO" might come a day before Valentine's Day, February 14.

If the conspiracy theory is true, The Pokemon Company may have blocked Niantic because of their own release of "Pokemon DUEL" for iOS and Android. On the other hand, a news release by Mic Network states that patch 0.55.0/1.25.0 can cause severe issues for some users. As cited by the said site, 0.55.0 patch for Android reportedly causes freezing and crashes. Okakaroto is one of the players who experience crashing issue and he described the said issue on Reddit.

"The same thing happened to me after the update. The game crashed every single time I tried to catch a Pokémon. Immediately after I clicked on it, it crashed and I got the "stopped working message and the report option." Okakaroto said.