After the mobile hit "Super Mario Run" was released and made significant sales for the Nintendo, the company saw opportunity in it and made an announcement regarding future mobile game releases. Android and iOS users will have more games to expect from Nintendo in the following years.

A recent report from Apple Insider suggests that Nintendo will be releasing more games on the iOS and Android platform. However, no specific titles were mentioned after the announcement besides the classic RPG game, "Fire Emblem: Heroes" for the iOS and Android and "Animal Crossing" for the iOS, which is expected to come out this April.

The company told the press that "Animal Crossing" was delayed to give way for the "Fire Emblem" game that was just recently released. The Android version of "Super Mario Run" is also expected to be released later in March.

Blasting News also reported Nintendo's plans of releasing three games a year and with the three mentioned games above, this could wrap up Nintendo's mobile game offering for the year. The pattern has been explained by the company as their means of giving way for the Nintendo Switch, which currently lacks some launch titles. Even so, the company defends its method of releasing games as a systematic approach to let the fans keep playing the games for the platform and not to wait for too long between releases.

It is said that the Nintendo Switch currently have 70 first and third party developers working on 100 titles right now. These figures may increase as soon as the console is released in the market and it will also depend on its sales performance.

Nintendo was able to easily generate over $53 million from "Super Mario Run" on the iOS alone. This could be significantly increased once the game hits the Android platform and even more so after the other games go live.