"South Park" Season 20 has extensively satirized the US Presidential Election, but it did not really depict the eventual winner. What amused some fans is that Hillary Clinton was accurately portrayed in the show, but Mr. Garrison got the Trump role by morphing into an appearance that shows a striking resemblance to Donald Trump.

A "South Park" episode titled "Members Only" showed the entire world becoming unstable, and the Danish are threatening to reveal every single person's history on internet usage in order to combat trolls. But Mr. Garrison, posing as Donald Trump, clearly doesn't know how to handle the situation, saying "why are you asking me?! I don't know! Jeez!"

In another part of the episode titled "Where My Country Gone," Trump's remarks about the Mexicans got a direct jab. Mr. Garrison was angry at Canadian immigrants, saying a wall should be put up - and his extreme views got him fired from his job at South Park Elementary School.

The Guardian reported that creators Matt Parker and Trey Stone said that they will refrain from "mocking everybody in government" in upcoming episodes. Parker said that they were trying to make fun of what was going to happen but they could not keep up, and what is actually happening is "way funnier," so they have decided to "back off and let politicians do their comedy."

Parker clarified though that they didn't directly parody Donald Trump during Season 20 because they did not want to "service" the President as the character that he is now. "We were like, f--- him, we don't want to give him the satisfaction," he added.

Huffington Post said that President Donald Trump's administration is already creating tough-to-top comedy. Stone said "South Park" that fans have told them that they have good materials, but "it doesn't feel that way." "We're having our head blown off like everybody else," Stone added