"NBA 2K17" have already gone through tons of patches since it was released. Unfortunately for some players who have been taking advantage of the VC exploits, most glitches were already fixed. However, 2K can't perfectly weed out every single glitch and some are still working, letting players farm VC like a piece of cake.

A guide posted at "Ass Gaming" shows a list of steps in easily farming VC in "NBA 2K17." The entire process involves very simple steps and can still be done up to this point, February 2017. The glitch have existed before and was utilized by a number of players before, but the same approach stays effective.

Those looking for an easy way to farm VCs in the fastest way possible can simply start this glitch by making sure that they have a newly created MyPlayer. The glitch is only working for those who are still within the first or second season calendar. Once a particular MyPlayer goes beyond that, creating another can be done easily.

The next step is to invest and work on some contracts and make them active. The Spalding, Under Armour, Mitchel & Ness and 2K needs to be the active as they are the highest paying sponsors in-game. Other contracts could also be activated, but as it was advised at NBA2K17Hack, these may affect the speed and the amount of VCs farmed on a certain date in the calendar.

After taking care of these, all the business meeting schedules should start appearing in the calendar. These would be the days where the player would be able to easily make some easy VC. It should be noted, however, that these only appears during any player's first and second season calendar and will start going back to normal after the third season starts.

Once checked, the players can simply head to a scheduled game along with a business meeting in the calendar or the days next to it to advance. The player should not automate the game from the beginning and should only leave after getting at least 11 points ahead of the opponent. The next calendar entry in "NBA 2K17" career mode with the "OFF" mark should have a business meeting.

After going back from the meeting, the MyPlayer avater will return and within a couple of seconds, an animated icon on the bottom right corner of the screen will pop up. Simply open the message received and complete the conversation with "Bruce." The player, afterwards, will be awarded with a huge amount of VC. This can be repeated a number of time as long as the player is within the first and second season in "NBA 2K17."