Razer is popularly known as a company lead by entrepreneur genius, Min-Liang Tan and their product "for gamers by gamers" are globally received as one of the highest quality, and not to mention, expensive products around. Acquiring a phone company called Nextbit made some of the brands' fans excited as the possibility of a Razer smartphone is very high.

Seeing entirely different product lines from different companies collaborate is very rare in various industries. However, as Android Authority reported, Razer and Nextbit is making an unexpected team up as the latter company has been acquired by the former.

Nextbit mainly focused on software and hardware for smartphones, while Razer is purely into gaming on almost every platform available. Tom Moss, head honcho for Nextbit states that there's a significant similarity between Razer and Nextbit and one, being "rebels" in their lines of businesses. The team up will make ways for projects that consumers have never imagined before.

Like PC World suggests, there are tons of possibilities where Razer and NextBit can bring out some crazy concepts and products with expertly crafted results. This covers better software integrations for Razer hardware and more innovation and better hardware builds for Nextbit's dedicated software. Still, among these possibilities is the idea of a smartphone.

 No official word has been made yet regarding the acquisition, but with Robin phones from Nextbit getting its production ceased soon and the announcement of the company staying and still functioning as a standalone business under Razer, a true mobile gamer's phone might be in the making sooner or later.

Despite the market being filled with tons of smartphone manufacturers that can deliver high-end performance, high-resolution screens and jaw-dropping visuals, things might be different for a Razer-branded phone as the company has proven itself a number of times as one of the industry's biggest innovators. This is among other big players like Asus, MSI, Apple, Alienware and more.