Just imagine how tasking it would be putting in your account and password with an Apple TV remote over and over again as you flip from one channel to another. Now, being a potato couch can have its perks with the Single Sign-On Support - as you get to stream your favorite movies or TV shows just by signing on once.

Single Sign-On (SSO;) which was first introduced in June and revived in December, allows subscribers to input cable login information once on TV OS or iOs devices. This feature though is limited to the United States for now. Forget manually signing on as it signs you on automatically and allow you to enjoy your favorite TV shows from different cable networks like ESPN, ABC, Food Network, or Telemundo.

Now, HBO, which is one of the mainstream cable channels in the world, is the first premiere cable channel to join the lineup; and many subscribers are looking forward to more channels jumping in the bandwagon.

According to Mac Rumors, "With Single sign-on, HBO customers will no longer need to enter their cable credentials separately when logging in to the HBO GO app. Instead, the app will use universal credentials that are stored by Apple. HBO GO is also now available in the TV app, with full support for "Watch Next" tracking functionality."

Apple has recently added HBO Go to the roster of TV networks which works with Apple's SSO feature. Same grind, just put your login details once and you are granted immediate access to loads of TV content. Apple enthusiasts had to wait it out for about a year and a half for this feature to come into fruition for Apple iPads and TVs - but it all paid off. When this came rolling, compatible streaming apps started to join the club; and just lately, HBO made its grand red carpet entrance; which signals that there are more surprises up its sleeve.

HBO Go is a revolutionary free app that users can easily install in for the TV app for iOS 10 and Apple TV; and all it requires is a cable subscription so you can watch your favorite shows anytime. A number of apps now support Apple's new SSO feature which includes Hallmark, NBC, Disney, and USA Now; among others.