After the news about the VR, being removed from the Project Scorpio, Microsoft finally answers the questions thrown at them. This clarifies the issue surrounding the High-Fidelity VR feature being taken off from the official promotional page for the upcoming console.

According to a an updated report from Gamespot, Microsoft have finally reached out to the online gaming news site regarding the speculation of the company, canning the VR feature. It was reported a day before, that the company made a change on the promotional site's lines about the key feature and the VR functions happens to be removed.

A Microsoft representative told Gamespot that the upcoming console will still be getting the VR feature and all that 90 frames per second goodness as promised. However, the company didn't mention anything about why the description was modified on the site regarding the highly anticipated feature.

"When Project Scorpio ships later this year it will be the most powerful console ever built with a 6 teraflop GPU to deliver true 4K gaming, high-fidelity VR experiences, and greater graphic fidelity. We have nothing additional to share at this time," the spokesperson told Gamespot.

The issue regarding the feature have originated at NeoGAF, where one user have found the site's subtle, yet major change. Since then, the original post was updated and user, chubigans, who happens to claim a reliable source, indicates that Microsoft have actually made a move towards the feature and there's a 50 percent claim that it will be revealed at E3 this year.

All these shenanigans still didn't change the fact that Project Scorpio or whichever the console will be called is still coming around later this year. Consumers can still hold on to the company's word for the VR technology being highly considered, though it may materialize a year later or so after the initial release of the console.