Those who have found Siri of the current and previous versions may have their interests with the virtual assistant rekindled. Apple promises to be bringing her features to a whole new level with the upcoming iOS 11.

Siri will soon be getting some big updates for the next-generation iPhones. According to Redmond Pie, this year will be the time where the smartphone industry will make the biggest step towards the use of an actual virtual assistant with some decent artificial intelligence. Numerous online news sites say that aside from Apple, major competitors will also be gradually rolling out the same technology similar to Cortana.

Based from Apple Insider's report, Apple's Siri is about to go all out with Google Assistant and Amazon's Alexa just as well. The competition is also going to get more fierce as Samsung will be dishing out "Bixby" with the Galaxy S8, while other third party companies like Huawei and even LG may take advantage of Alexa.

The current Siri, unfortunately, pales in comparison with all the recent releases of the virtual assistants. It lacks a number of request recognition technology and can't even answer contextual questions.

However, the tables may be turned soon as Apple recently acquired an Australian-based machine learning startup Turi back in 2016. This apparently aims to further improve Siri's functionality to pose as a tougher competition that actually has a place in the market.

While there's still no word on the release date for iOS 11, it is likely to be the firmware, where Siri's functionalities will finally be overhauled. If Apple's commitment to its scheduled events is to go by, June 2017 might be the time where people will finally get the brand new virtual assistant along with the announcement of the new base version of the company's mobile operating system. This event would be tied in with June's Worldwide Developer's Conference (WDC).