Apple have officially released the public version of iOS 10.2.1 and it was just roughly more than a month after the initial release of iOS 10.2. This could be a good news to those who wants to ensure security and stability, while it isn't for those eagerly waiting for a jailbreak tool.

As Redmond Pie reported, the final version of the latest firmware for Apple's mobile devices have been officially rolled out and users can now opt to download the IPSW files for latest version. compatible iPad, iPod and iPhone devices are all covered.

However, according to Forbes post, the update seemed to be a very minor one. In the description, it only states about fixing some bugs and the improvement of the security for both the iPhone and iPad. However, the fix may seem to be the solution for the rapid decrease or incorrect battery status.

Apple have also updated its official page regarding the iOS 10.2.1 firmware and it is also meant to be a fix for the Auto unlock problem. This have been happening with iPhone 5 and later devices as well as fourth generations iPads. This coincides with the use of Apple Watch, where the device automatically unlocks.

A number of security features have also been rolled out, which mostly points to the WebKit, which users can unknowingly access malicious sites and pop ups. All these have been implemented and it also equates to an even more complex wall for any exploit including a jailbreak tool.

It is now believed that iOS 10.3 is on its way next month and with these, the jailbreaking progress seems to be slowed down even more, but a peek at what the iOS 11 could look like might change people's opinions as it will potentially decrease the need for such tweaks and customization soon.