If your planning to have a different vibe of hiking experience in another country for you to achieve in your bucket list then Sicily is one country to go after as it is best explored by foot. Sicily has it all, nature wise it really does, from the volcanic islands, virgin shorelines and crystal clear waters, its definitely one place in the world everyone should try to visit atleast once. Here are some of the chosen destinations in Sicily wherein you can both hike and relax at the same time as well as see the real nature beauty of the land.

Mount Etna. This World Heritage Site is Europe's largest active volcano and is one location to explore and hike in Sicily. Hiking up the volcano is no way easy but it comes with something else as the thrilling experience gives you more pleasure that fear. While hiking up Mount Etna you will surely experience different climate changes hot to cold and etc as well as see very rare vegetations along the way as you hike up.

Nebrodi Mountains. Along Sicily's northern coast comes a set of beautiful mountains and one of the well known mountains is the Nebrodi Mountains. According to Sicilian Places, Nebrodi Mountains offer the best spots to see wild boars and wild horses as well as different local small villages, stunning lakes and virgin valleys that make Nebrodi so sophisticated and eye catchy making you want to stay there and just soak the natural beauty that it offers.

Hyblaean Mountains. This mountains is known for its limestone as is located just south east of Sicily. The limestone mountains are pretty much eye catchers, with a fusion of pristine forests around, deep canyons and vibrant oleanders, its definitely one of nature's most beautiful gifts. Hyblaean Mountains offer lots of different hiking routes in designated parts of the mountain as well as within the neighboring towns of Syracuse and Catania if you are looking for a different kind of environment, but overall its an adventure that you need to experience to truly enjoy.

Madonie Mountains. This mountain contains hitoric hill top towns and offers some great hiking routes as well. It is best to explore Madonie Mountains by foot for you to really see the real beauty of the place. Madonie Mountains has six mountains, the highest one is named Pizzo Carbonara which is 1,979 meters from the ground up. If your a floral or plant kind of person they this place is for you as it is surrounded with over 2,600 species all across the place.

Capo Milazzo. According to Lonely Planet, in order to get to Capo Milazzo you need to pass through a level landscape of olive groves, cactues and stone walls before starting off a steadu descent towards the sea. One near, you will actually find it very beautiful and heartwarming somewhat like a dream as you will see a rock fringed natural pool that is perfect for a swim in the area. For more about Sicily and the true beauty it offers please visit Travelers Today.