The 18th installment in the NBA 2K franchise, the "NBA 2K17", was released worldwide in September. Although the game was released with critical acclaim, some users report severe issues. Some of the issues don't have fixes yet, but here are a few issues with solutions.

"NBA 2K17" face scanning allows users to import facial structure, add hair and other identifying marks with ease. This has been reportedly buggy in the past, GottaBeMobile reported. To get it working, you need to add the MyNBA2K app to your iPhone or Android device. Also, be sure that the area that you're in is well-lit to get face scanning working.

Users also complained about not being able to skip Cut Scenes in MyCareer. If you can't that means you have not experience those in your current profile before. You should be able to skip them moving forward by pressing X or A. If you're using a Xbox One, and the cut scene freezes, try to back out of the game and perform another action. Just press the menu button on the controller and close the game, and then re-open.

If you are one of the few users who have experienced "NBA 2K17" time jumping on PC, here's trick that another user suggested. Deleting portions of your Steam Cloud saves, specifically the "385760" folder within the Steam folder under User data folder, should solve the problem. Make sure to copy the "Remote" folder from within the folder, and then delete the original.

For connections issues, 2K provided steps on how to troubleshoot. If the steps provided don't work, try connecting your broadband modem directly to the console or PC you are playing the game on. For issues that don't have fixes yet, experts assume that an update after the latest one, Patch 7, will soon be released that would contain more improvements.