Seville is often called as the frying pan of Spain mainly because of its very humid temperature. Luckily, however, the warm weather has given the city some of the best cold dishes, like the most delicious ice cream. Here are some places where you can find them. 

Helados Rayas. According to Devour Seville Food Tours, this is probably Seville's most famous ice cream shop to date. Rayas has become one of the best shops throughout the city and is also well known all around Europe. Its flavors are natural and fresh adding up that creamy consistency is just perfect and heartwarming. There are always plenty of flavors to choose from which is the difficult part but for sure every flavor of choice will be great.

Freskura. This ice cream shop was formed by a group if Italian friends who decided to share their ice cream knowledge with Sevillanos in 2007. Freskura offers some of the best local and authentic Italian ice cream in the city of Seville with many flavors to choose from.

Amorino Seville. This ice cream chain is a little bit pricey than the other shops in Seville but it has its own reasons why. The flavors that they make are just delicious. They have this signature gelato flower they call which is a mix of flavors in a beautifully presented ice cream cone.

Puro e Bio. This ice cream shop offers only organic ice creams with a fusion of flavors like spicy ginger and cinnamon which is one of the vegan options, along with coconut, pistachio and chocolate as well as classic sweet tooth favorite everyone needs to try the dulce de leche or caramel and almond crunch. They also have ice cream sandwiches made using homemade cookies.

Porto Bello. Porto Bello is very new in the ice cream world in Seville, it offers up to around 30 flavors as well as different smoothies and sundaes to back it up. Tastes worth sampling include the delectable house combination of mascarpone, caramel and fig, as well as boozy Malaga cream, vino dulce which is a sweet malaga wineand raisins. Mojito and Sicilian lemon are among the lactose free options as well. As per Lonely Planet, one big advantage here is the outside terrace with tables on the lively Alameda avenue which is perfect for people watching.