If you're aiming for a traveling experience, a place where you can bask in the unspoiled beauty of nature, with plentiful wildlife and refreshing air, then there would be nowhere more perfect than Kenya.

One of the most stunning countries of Africa, Kenya is home to the most endangered species of animals in the world. Add its picturesque geographical landscapes and magnificent National Parks, Kenya is a must-visit country for the adventure-hungry.

Since Africa is synonymous for safari (travel-wise), do your Safari adventure in Masai Mara, Kenya's most famous natural reserve. Due to the abundance of wild animals in the reserve, walking is not allowed, but the reserve has certain good spots to view several animals do their day-to-day activities-- such as lions chasing their prey, leopards up the trees and lions and giraffes grazing on the greens in the Savannah.

The Great Rift Valley is also a popular destination in, where you can find the most diverse avi-fauna species on the planet! In Lake Nakuru, your eyes will only see pink as thousands of flamingoes flocked together as they eat the algae living in the lake, and in Lake Bogoria, you will get to see over 373 bird species - a sight so naturally beautiful you might cry.

If you're in a bit of lust for ancient history, then visit Olorgesailie. This is a prehistoric site that will make you think of Jurassic Park-- minus the dinosaurs, of course! Hike through its old paths and walkways where you can still see remnants of prehistoric tools used by our ancestors the Homo Erectus, as well as bones of animals, and other fascinating ancient stuff up for your exploration.

Now, after all the tiring but satisfying Safari and wildlife adventure, you might be craving for some relaxation and de-stress. So why not experience a magical Kenyan beach holiday? In the islands of Kenya in the Indian Ocean such as Kiwayu, Lamu, Manda, Chale and Funzi, you will experience the perfect beach life you've never felt before. Clear, turquoise waters, white, fine sand-Kenya is truly a piece of heaven on earth.

Those are just some of the things you can do in Kenya you will not find anywhere else. So this 2017, why not get a taste of real adventure? Venture to Kenya for once-in-a-lifetime travel experience you should not miss.