Cardiff offers a wide range of entertainment opportunities, numerous well attended festivals and a variety of sports facilities, including one of the best golf courses in the world. Its well preserved Victorian galleries and streetscapes are fun to visit and explore, and has home to excellent shopping and dining opportunities Here are some of the best places to visit for first time visitors of Cardiff, Wales.

Cardiff Castle. The parts of Cardiff Castle from the walls, polygon bastions and the gate of the northern part of the castle thave been preserved and partially restored to make it more stable. The castle is in fact not just one structure but actually consists of three fortresses in one foundation.

Places to visit include the State Apartments, the Clock Tower and the famous elegant Bangueting Hall with murals telling the story of Robert the Consul. If you time your visit right thne you might actually see jousting tournamenets done in the castle and experience medieval markets as well.

Saint Fagans National History Museum. This impressive open air museum is one of Wales' most popular attractions by far and has an fascinating collection of buildings that includes cottages, farmhouses, workshops and mills. Also there are displays around the museums of traditional costumes, tools and machineries they use during the old days. Saint Fagans National History Museum portrays the living farm conditions and how people do things during the past making it an experience you will truly be educated with.

Caerphilly Castle. According to Planetware, Caerphilly Castle is the largest in wales which shows the most complex defensive system of any castle. The castle was actually enlarged several times. The castle also has two impressive drawbridges, massive walls all around, round towers and a moat.

Also on display are four full size replicas of medieval artillery pieces that was being used to defend the city from intruders or enemies. Exhibits inside include details of its involvement in the wars between the Welsh and the English.

Bute Park. Next to Cardiff Castle is this beautiful relaxing park which is filled with green scenic views loved by locals. You can take a walk along the River Taff which you will find really relaxing. According to Lonely Planet, Bute Park is also home to many species of wildlife including otters and rare birds as well as the beautiful landscape of the park where you can wind your way through the pretty flowerbeds and woodland areas.

Cardiff Market. Make your way to the best market place in Wales. In Cardiff Market, It is really possible to buy almost anything making it a perfect place to shop. Highlights in the market include Bakestone, they make and sell the best of the best Welsh cakes in Wales and the other one to visit is Clancy, which offers a spice and veggie food supermarket. For more about the best destinations in Wales, please do visit Travelers Today for updates.