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'Dragon Ball Super' New Universal Survival Arc Synopsis Revealed

Travelers Today       By    Carlo de Lacy

Updated: Jan 13, 2017 06:05 PM EST

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Goku and the Z fighters are about to face another set of challenges, larger than life with the new upcoming story arc, Universal Surival in "Dragon Ball Super." A new synopsis was released for the anime, which briefly describes the latest challenges and some of the most colossal challenges.

As recently reported at Comicbook, come February, fans of the anime will get to watch some of the biggest fights in the history of "Dragon Ball Super" as the challengers will be coming from everywhere around the universe. A tournament will be held showcasing the best from just about anywhere in the vast galaxies.

The latest issue of Animedia (via Crunchyroll) just happened to reveal the latest synopsis for the upcoming arc for the anime and it is also thanks to Todd Blankership's translation, all the fans from around the globe and not just Japan will get to learn what the next saga will be about.

The translation from the magazine is as follows asks fans of their memory of the "God of Destruction Champa Arc." Before Goku made a request to pull of the tournament, the ruler of all the universes also suggested a similar universal tournament that will pit the best warriors from 12 other universes.

This was forgotten when Zamasu intervened in Universe 10. In episode 77, the series will finally enter the "Universal Survival Arc" with Goku leading the strongest earthlings and excited to compete with the unknown, unaware of the upcoming threat.

Those who will be representing Earth will count Goku, his son Gohan, Kuririn, Master Roshi, Piccolo, Tien, Majin Boo and his life-long rival, Vegeta. Both Android 17 and Android 18 will also be joining their roster of 10 warriors from Earth.

For those who don't want to miss a single episode from "Dragon Ball Super" Universal Survival can stay tuned at Crunchyroll every Saturdays at 7:15 p.m CST.

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