Singapore may be a small country, but 24 hours is not enough to explore all the coolest sights to visit. Heck, we couldn't even have breakfast with the orangutans at Ah Meng Restaurant in Singapore Zoo. So, to crunch the time we list down what we can do and where to go in Singapore for just a day.

Travelers Today took a flight at 5 AM and arrived at Singapore by 9 AM where we were led to Fragrance Hotel Selegie for our stay. We didn't rest, but rather walk in our dreary feet to explore the grandeur of the city. Here is what we have done and where we went to.

10 AM, Cups N Canvas. This art café serves more than coffee and cakes, but it gets to your creative side as well. The room adjacent to the café is where artists get paint and hold workshops. They also have a creative wall where illustrators can just leave a piece of their works. Mind you, we left a doodle.

12 PM, Little India. We walked around town snapping shots of colorful murals, window panes, and shutters. We had lunch at a nearby restaurant which serves some Biryani and the tarik. We were mostly at Mustafa Center and Tekka Center to buy Indian dresses and scarves for S$3 or six for $10.

We mostly did our transportation and wanderings here. The whole town smelled strongly of spices and incense, which was quite exotic. Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple is also a must see destination. But, please! Pay respect to those who are praying there!

3 PM, Chinese and Japanese Garden. This vast destination encompasses statues of Mulan, Sun Tzu, and other famous Chinese historical personalities. Expect wide bridges and temples around the area. There are also rock formations on a lake where you can step on. And for us, we enjoyed feeding the turtles some lettuce and pellets for a dollar.

6 PM, Chinatown. It was Buddha's birthday and we headed to the Tooth Relic Temple filled with Buddha's disciples. The locals lined themselves up until they reach the altar and offered their prayers. We took some shots and went to on shopping stalls where they offer wares and tourist items for S$3 to S$10. The food center was also crowded and was jam-packed by locals gawking at the delicious food they're going to eat.

8 PM, Bugis Street. Bugis is where you get to shop all the good items. From RTWs to hawking stalls, you'll find different shops each catering to your wants and budget ranges. The city's nightlife is here and we couldn't help to sit down and eat ice cream. The next day lets us see all the exotic part of Singapore. But that will be shared for another time.