Scotland has a habit of delivering on its scenic images in some parts ruined castles really do appear on just about every hilltop in the land, in summer the glens certainly turn purple with heather and if you end up in a village on gala day you just might bump into a formation of bagpipers marching down the street making it a great experience and scene at the same time.

Stuck in the northwest corner of Europe, Scotland is actually remote, but it's not isolated as people might think. The inspiring virginity of the wild northwest coast is just located barely a couple of hours from Edinburgh and Glasgow, which are the two cities most dense and intriguing urban centres. Here are som of the most beautiful places and remote areas to visit in Scotland.

Loch NessScotland's most famous lake or what they call lock has more to offer than a just a peek of the notorious Loch Ness monster that has been one of the legends in the area for years according to The Huffington Post. Explore the 754 foot deep lake on a Loch Ness trip from Inverness and hike around the lakeside or you could try and visit the ruins of one of Scotland's largest castle which is the Urquhart Castle, perched on its banks. Always make sure you check out the Loch Ness Centerv& Exhibition where you can discover the legends of the Britain's most mysterious sea creature, the Loch Ness monster.

The Ben Nevis mountain is tremendously high as it is 1,300 plus meters in height. The peak is not only Scotland's highest point but its also the highest mountain in all of Britain. You could try hiking and rock climbing in the area as long as you make sure everything is good and safe. Though it can be very exhausting, climber or hikers will be rewarded with the most beautiful and spectacular views that Scotland has to offer.

Glencoe is Scotland's most famous and scenic mountain valley as it displays a landscape so beautiful that it looks like its been edited. Walking around the famous valley is one of the most rewarding hikes you will every experience as it truly presents the true beauty of the place from the ground up.

The Inner Hebrides. This archipelago made of 79 islands and 35 of which are inhabited by humans can boast some of Scotland's most fascinating destinations. Iona which is a peaceful place and one of the islands, is a quiet place where people could relax and reflect about life. Iona is famous for the remains of different kings of Europe.

On the other hand therer is also Mull which offers the best mountain views. The island of Mull is well known for it colorful waterfront houses that looks very stunning as it should be. Ther is also a beach that has golden sand and very clear water to go with in Calgary.

Cairngorms National Park. As per The Telegraph, this is just one of two national parks in Scotland. The National Park offers true mountain wilderness plus it has five of the six highest peaks in Scotland, while four of them are in the top 10 in Britain. For more about Scotland please do visit and check Travelers Today.