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Five Infant-Friendly Destinations For 2017

Travelers Today       By    JC Santos

Updated: Jan 13, 2017 02:30 AM EST

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Traveling Baby
Traveling with children? Flights are free and there are plenty of vacation spots and accommodations to make it a truly worthwhile experience for your young ones.
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Travelers who find no babysitter or parents to help keep infants company during a planned vacation should realize the opportunity in their hands; the lighter a child is, the better opportunity they have to get free airport rides. Virtually all airlines provide free trips for children below three years old, but certain vacation spots could be unsuitable for little children. For 2017, five destinations may be appealing and safe for your little one.

One of Japan's tourist-selling points is its ability to make supposedly strange services become normal. These services and establishment include self-styled "Baby Cafes" in Tokyo. These cafes have plenty of toys, chairs, mats and even play furniture for little guests. Snacks are designed for children and cleanliness is well-observed for the most strict parents.

The Hawaiian island travel system has been refined to perfection making island hopping easy and fun -- an enjoyable experience for both parent and child. Hawaiian vacation spots including beaches also prioritize cleanliness. The only downside is that some areas for accommodation and dining can be quite upscale.

Travelers who wish to focus on the sites and just the comfort of their child can find London the safest place for babies. According to Market Watch -- citing Ciao Bambino Founder Amie O'Shaughnessy -- babies would unlikely remember their vacation during their first few years. London's huge tourism industry makes travelers' children comfortable with a plethora of kid-friendly restaurants, parks and in-city rides.

Farm or agri-tourism is great for travelers traveling with children aged one or two-years-old as farms allow little children to feed baby animals and take accompanied pony rides. According to Today, Hull O-Farms is an affordable farm vacation just in America. Adults can also have their own share of the fun by baking cookies and learning more about farm life. Also, bonfires.

One last option is an all-inclusive trip to a resort. Some resorts offer special infant programs that provide babysitting and nannying services, toy loan programs and other child-related services so mom and dad can relax. An amazing choice but it can be quite expensive.

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