The ending of "Prison Break" season 4 saw the death of Michael, but if he's supposed to be dead, then why is he in the Middle East all of a sudden? Viewers are going to have to wait until the premiere of season 5 to find out how Michael survived being electrocuted and how he ended being locked up in Yemen of all places.

Paul Scheuring, the show's executive producer, was able to provide us with an answer on why the show is now taking place in the Middle East. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, says the reason for the sudden change in location is because it takes its inspiration from Odyssey. The producer added that he wanted Michael to "show up in the most unexpected and distant foreboding place".

"Doing the honor of the Odyssey, one of the big components of the season was Odysseus went through hell, he went across half the globe to get home. That's what I wanted to do with Michael", says Scheuring. Over the course of four seasons, the show's cast has been locked up in three penitentiaries. In season 1 they were locked up in Fox River State Penitentiary, for seasons 2 and 3, the cast was locked up in Panama's Penitenciaria Federal de Sona, and season 4 saw Sara escape Miami-Dade County Penitentiary. Now for season 5, we have Michael stuck in Yemen.

Per iDigital Times, the thing that will make season 5 different from the past seasons is the challenge will not be in trying to escape the prison itself. Trying to get out of a country that already has a very rough political climate and the trauma that Michael (Wentworth Miller) has gone through after being thought for dead for a long time will now make the stakes higher than ever before.

In an interview with Australian morning show "Sunrise", Dominic Purcell says "Prison Break" Season 5 will become a more politically motivated show. He also added that the show will be committed towards portraying Muslims in a more positive light. Fans might recall C-Note (Rockmand Dunbar) having converted to Islam recently and the show's writer's room account teased on Twitter that a Muslim heroine will be set to debut on the show.